Nonprofit organization “Hawaii Japanese Grief Care Association” launched
HUG Hawaii, Help and Understanding for Grief, an organization of grief care and support for those who lost loved ones.


What is HUG Hawaii?

Time is not always the best solution for sorrow and loss of loved ones. Some people need help to accept the sorrow and loss to move forward. In the U.S., there are certain numbers of support groups, however, you can not find any support in Japanese. HUG Hawaii was founded by Japanese nationals who understand Japanese characteristics and culture to provide grief care in Japanese.


What HUG Hawaii does?

Mental support: Have better understanding about grief through meetings and seminars for self-growth
Physical support: Introduce exercise workshop, relaxation, massages, aesthetic, doctors, and counselors
Support for independence : Introduce seminars on food, clothing and shelter, job-hunting, child-care consulting, and financial advisers.


Membership Annual Fee: $45


What we provide for member?

  • Login to member site: Provide username and password. In order to protect members’ privacy, only the registered members can access to the members-only site on the home page Members can communicate on home page.
  • Facebook: Approve to HUG Hawaii’s Facebook.
  • Newsletter : Subscribe every two months.
  • HUG Cafe : Small meeting twice a month in Hawaii, once a month in Japan.
  • Subscribe email: Event, grief care seminar and other information.
  • Special Event: Every two months.
  • Volunteer Activity: Provide meals for shelter every two months.


Download Hug Hawaii Fact Sheet

For more information, for interview, please contact

HUG Hawaii (Help and Understanding for Grief) • NPO
725 Kapiolani Blvd., # 3503, Honolulu, HI 96813 USA
TEL: 808-398-0818 • E-mail: •